Commissioned for Design museum exhibition

Photos by Daniel Shechter
At ancient times people used weights when they needed to agree on the

value of goods by converting, measuring and comparison. The weight role was to serve as a self-contained object and reflect to absolute truth.

In this study we investigated how an object translates into weight and what kind of memory is coined in the object, whose sole duty is to represent weight.
We decided to produce weights for objects and phenomena that can not be considered on their own merits, but by the actions of a connection, subtraction, multiplication and division;

The weight of a single breath is represented by a 75 mg feather
Body weight lost on a one week diet is represented by a 679g marble weight
The weight of the ink in the bible is represented by 9g brass weight
Weight of the soul is represented by 21g sugar candy
And the weight of this project’s cost in 1$ bills is represented by a lead weight

The objects we created are designed to be held, aiming to represent the elusive mass that you have perhaps imagined, but never held.
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Tel Aviv ⏤ Israel