Scape Vase


Commissioned for Caesarstone

Photos by Daniel Shechter
Ceasarstone surfaces

Caesarstone's New Collection was designed to mimic natural stone, while look and feel are very similar, the synthetic surface surpasses natural stone’s quality and durability - doing a better job than nature itself.

we were interested in addressing the practice of representing nature and see how we can give it expression through objects.

We decided to design an object that imitates an ideal representation of nature.

The process began with surfing the web to find a collection of fantastic representations of nature.
we collected images that show nature at it’s most magnificent display that sometimes surpasses the subject of the photo. An enhanced and improved image that can easily replace the origin in our memory.

We used water jet cutting to recreate the horizon as a meeting point between two surfaces in the vases, each surface represents a simplified block of nature - water, mountain, sky, etc.

The result is a series of panoramic vases, each is a homage to a different place in the world, encapsulating the magnificence of nature in your own living room. 
© Itay Laniado & Shira keret 2024
Tel Aviv ⏤ Israel