Sapora Forgatta*


Commissioned for 'Food' exhibition

Holon Design Museum

Curated by Dana Ben-Shalom and Liora Rosin

Photos by Aya Wind / Dor Kedmi
In the foreseeable future, multiple crises loom large. Fires and floods have become all too common, and bees have ceased pollinating crops for quite some time. The majority of people now rely on diets centered around rice, grains, roots, legumes, meat, and even insects. This global shift in agriculture has led to corresponding fluctuations in food prices, with the costs of insect-dependent foods skyrocketing, while basic staples and their processed derivatives remain accessible.
This project perpetuates an industrial "tradition" of disconnecting the essence from its source by offering a range of flavors enhanced with nutritional supplements and vitamins, all printed on edible paper.

In a world where taste is reduced to graphics, vitamins are seen as medicine, and nature is merely a simulation,
the responsibility of preserving the adaptability of our brain's paleolithic reward mechanism falls upon printing machines. To achieve this, delay mechanisms have been designed to disrupt the immediate connection between taste and palate, evoking nostalgic eating gestures that mimic a distant interaction between humans and natural food sources.

* In Latin: Forgotten taste 
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