Ming Po


Commissioned for 'Mekomi' group exhibition

Photos by Aya Wind 
The starting point of the project is the historical connection between rice and ceramic material in Turkish and Chinese porcelain dishes. In these objects, a grain of rice is "planted" in the side of the vessel while the clay is soft. When the vessel is burned, the rice grain burns and leaves an inverse transcription of its shape - a hole.
The glazing turns the opening into a kind of window that allows the light to pass, but not to liquid. This technique, beyond the unique aesthetics, tells of an ancient relationship between ceramics and food through the person who creates both. These actions are performed in physical proximity and parallel skills - kneading, rolling, baking, glazing, etc.
In the process we sought to integrate this unique technique into Israeli culture. The rice was replaced with “Ptitim” an Israeli pasta that was invented during Israel’s austerity period (1950’s), and couscous that immigrated to Israel with immigrants from North Africa.
Special Thanks to Dikla Moskovich and Sivan Scheffner
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